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PADS Standard Plus - add symbol in PDB

Question asked by mariopucc on May 14, 2018
Latest reply on May 24, 2018 by robert_davies


I'm using PADS Standard Plus and I've made a lot of component without problem.

Now I want to insert an optocoupler in my design, the TLP293-4 and I've made Symbol, Decal and Part in the same way I did the others.

When I insert the component in my design and I synchronize with PADS Layout I have an error:


Symbol: POIROT:TLP293 not found on Part Number: TLP293 in Parts DataBase.

       [Please add the symbol's definition in the PDB for this part or change the symbol in the schematic to use one that is referenced in the PDB for the part.  Note that if there is a         PIN_SET_NAME property on the symbol, its value becomes the effective symbol name for packaging.]


But if I open xDM Library Tools and I open the component I can't see any problem as in the following image:



How can I fix this problems?