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    Parametric Sweep


      The Sweep manager dialog box does not list passive components, transmission lines, coupling regions in the design property tree as shown in the Hyperlynx SI User guide. Am I missing something, somewhere? Would appreciate any help.

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          Let me clarify one thing. I am trying to run parametric sweep on termination component values but the Sweep manager dialog box does not list the earlier mentioned properties.

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            Please provide more information so that we can help solve this issue. Are you working in LineSim? Can you show a picture of your schematic? What steps did you take to get to the Sweep Manager? Does the Sweep Manager dialog show anything at all? Are you, by chance running Linux?




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              I am using Boardsim, on Windows platform. I followed following steps before and for Interactive sweeps:

              1. Selected and assigned models to respective components, and observed their waveforms in interactive simulation. Added terminations to those nets where needed using "Add Quick Terminator".
              2. Now to determine optimum value of termination I run interactive sweeps from the Simulate SI > Run Interactive Sweeps. And the sweep manager box show the properties as shown in the following image:

              Sweep Manager 1.PNG

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                This looks normal, so far. See if this short video gives you some ideas about how to proceed.