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    connect a net to a plane without Via ?


      I am very new to Mentor graphics pads. I want to make a connection from a pin to the plane near to it. So i click the net and use the command F2 to make traces and when i went to connect the trace to the plane( the plane is Vin and the trace i am bringing in to connect to the plane is also Vin) but the trace doesnot connect to the plane. The only option i found is through a via which i dont want to. Is there a way I can connect the trace to the plane without the Via.

      Please help me

      Thank You

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          Hi jjames,


          It's not totaly clear what you realy want to do but i give it a go.


          First you have to assign the net to the plane on the corresponding layer. You can do this by SETUP-LAYER DEFINITION...

          Set the PLANE TYPE on SPLIT/MIXED (or CAM PLANE) and press ASSIGN NETS. Add the desired net to ASSIGNED NETS.


          Now comes the part that i don't understand in your question but i give three solutions that may help.

          1- When you draw the outline of the plane, be sure the pin you want to connect is part of it.

          2- When the pin is outside the plane area, route from the pin to an other pin or track inside the plane area. There will be a pop-up window about a trace loop and select here CREATE LOOP. When this trace is unrouted by whatever, the connection is gone and you must remember that you once made an extra connection.

          3- Draw a small copper line inside the plane area and assign the copper to the net. Now you can route from this line to the pin.


          Good luck