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    Mirror a gds when merging gds files


      I am using the following command to merge gds files:


      calibredrv -a layout filemerge -in filename1 -in filename2 -out output.gds -topcell top


      But when merging them, I need to mirror filename2 by Y axis, what is the additional command should I add

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          I use these lines in a small script but for the sake of example I can share them as a command line based on your original:


          calibredrv -a layout filemerge \

                -infile [list -name lay1.gds -placecell [list -refcell topcell1 -x 0 -y 0]] \

                -infile [list -name lay2.gds -placecell [list -refcell topcell2 -x 0 -y 0 -mirror 1 -angle 180]] \

                -out lay3.gds \

                -createtop topcell1_plus_mirrored_topcell2


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