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    Question about test patterns


      Hi All,


      I am new to the field of OPC and had some question regarding test patterns. I understood that test pattern is mapping the design gds to the fabricated structures. It is used to make the rule based table that will help the initial design to be adjusted and thus be printed according to the target.

      My question is what is driving the choice of the test patterns for a specific design? How do we know that for this design, i will use these test patterns? Is there somehow a relation that is used by test patterns owners?


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          Hello Ismail -

          The way I explain it is that the test patterns represent typical CD situations that customers may use for their actual designs.  The OPC is done on localized grid analysis, so the larger design in general doesn't matter as much as the interaction configurations between polygons within the scope of the grid.  Calibre WORKbench has utilities that allow you to customize a test pattern if the standard one does not meet your needs.


          If you are simply performing OPC on a design and already have models provided for you, you don't need the test patterns - those are generally used by the people writing the OPC rules and developing the process models.


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