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lmUtil - parameter for "Automation Pro License"

Question asked by fuba on May 24, 2018
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I am looking for the right parameter, which tells me License Status via LmUtil.exe for

"Automation Pro" License. Does anyone know ?


Below here a few examples for the most common applications/tools:


cd C:\MentorGraphics\EEVX.2.1\SDD_HOME\common\win64\bin\

  • lmutil lmstat -f   --> returns all licenses for all tools
  • lmutil lmstat -f pcbexpedition  --> PCB Editor
  • lmutil lmstat -f dxdatabook     --> Part Database
  • lmutil lmstat -f viewdraw       --> Schematic Editor
  • lmutil lmstat -f dxvariantmgr   --> Variant Manager
  • lmutil lmstat -f variantmgrfmv  --> Function Manager


So, what do I need here "lmutil lmstat -f ??????????" for Automation Pro License Check ?