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.STEP, Needing 3D Silk Screen, Slots and Drill Holes .

Question asked by ChangeMe_111303 on May 25, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 10, 2018 by ChangeMe_111303

In the modern world where PCB's are often 3D modeled, PAD's PCB Layout seems to remain off pace.

As a result, fab drawings and PCB assembly drawings must remain in 2D due to the lack of 3D output

details.  The availible tools are limited.   DXF output is clunky and work intensive.


I/we can create 3D models with drill holes using the IDF translator, however, I can not IDF out the slots

or silkscreen details and layers.


The 3D viewer includes the silkscreen details, but the silkscreen details can not be exported in .STEP

format to 3D modeling software.  Slots also are not displayed or output in the .STEP output.


Since I am creating detailed 3D models for our mechanical work, it would be nice to be able to use

this work for creating nice assembly documents.   Slot's and silkscreen details are required.


Are there any work-a-rounds known for creating detailed 3D models?

I am looking into using CAM-350 to get the silkscreen info, but that seems like a lot

of  work and still does not get the slots included.


Is there any plans for Mentor to add these features in the near future?


I have seen competitors software do this work in impressive fashion. 


Thank You,