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    Windows 10 and DxDesigner? Where should we go from here....


      We've been running DxDesigner 2005.1 for ten years, and with each new version of Windows things have been getting harder.

      At Windows 7 we moved to a floating license server when our IT department locked out USB ports for our dongles for security reasons.

      Now IT says for increased security there will be no more running in "compatibility mode", remote sessions, or admin privileges on our computers, so I think it's finally time to say goodbye to Dx2005.


      We always export .asc files to a job shop running the latest PADS layout, so we'd like to stay with a simple netlist flow to .asc output.


      Does anyone have any suggestions and advice about how to convert 10 years of flat schematics and DxDatabook parts to a "modern" DxDesigner equivalent?


      We've kept our support current on a DxDesigner 075 Bundle all this time... just never upgraded something that wasn't broken.

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          Thanks for your post, Jeff. I am going to move this to the PADS community since it seems to be more focused on that instead of Licensing.

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            DxDatabook shouldn't need to change and you should be able to migrate you dproj based projects to the current version of DxDesigner and stay in the netlist flow. Make sure all of the designs are up-to-date and the WIR files are current. You may have issues with schematic data that isn't referenced in the project but exists in the folder structure and you may have to use an earlier version of the tools. I haven't looked at moving a 2005 project to the iCDB based tools since the 2007.x versions of the tool circa 2008.

            There are also resources on the migration community though they mainly concentrate on moving netlist to Xpedition Migrating to Xpedition/Expedition Enterprise


            You should do some reading on the latest versions of the tools as they are very different to what you are used to. Firstly the schematic is a database so you no longer have sch or wir files, there isn't a file save/save as because the database is contunuously written to. Plus the interface is quite different and has many more features than the 2005 version.

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              Hi Robert:


              Thanks for your reply.


              My first question when the Mentor support guy called was….  which “FLOW” do I want. There are just too many products and flows to choose from. The advice I got based on what I was looking for was that I wanted “Standard” PADS Flow PADS VX2.3.  I hope that was the right advice.


              So now at least I have a plan moving forward…..  to download and install VX2.3 (and update 4) and see if I can get my floating license file to function properly….. What could possibly go wrong with that?



              Kind Regards:  Jeff

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                Curious to hear how this is going. If it were me, I would probably migrate first to PADS 9.5, then if desired, to PADS VX 2.2 Update 9.


                The question about flow is a PADS VX question: do you want netlist flow or integrated flow? But if you migrate first to PADS 9.5, then the question is sidestepped or at least postponed. PADS 9.5 uses only one flow, what PADS VX later considers to be the netlist flow. The netlist flow is most like DxDesigner 2005. So migrating to PADS 9.5 would be a smaller first step from DxDesigner 2005.


                After that, if generating ASC files seems to work well using PADS 9.5, then I would consider migrating from PADS 9.5 to PADS VX 2.2. I do have some concerns about PADS VX 2.3 currently and am waiting for Update 5, so if it were me, I would only move to PADS VX 2.2 Update 9 at the moment. My two cents.

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                  PADS 9.5 was too early for Windows 10 support, we officially supported W10 at VX.1.2.

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                    I expect the entire migration would have to take place on a Windows 7 system if you want to be able to run DxDesigner 2005, PADS 9.5, and PADS VX.2.2 all on the same system. Then once completed, the project can be moved to a Windows 10 system to run PADS VX.2.2 from there on.


                    If all Windows 7 systems are taken away before migration is performed, and all you have left are Windows 10 systems with no compatibility mode, I'm not even sure how one would run DxDesigner 2005 to perform the necessary prep work on the project to migrate it to a later tool. That prep work almost always seems to be necessary.  I always ran into older projects that had at least one issue the migrating tool didn't like that required me to open the older software to fix it.

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                      Hi hitec:


                      The answer to your previous post... how's it going... is not too well until yesterday. We had four days of license server hell to deal with. The FlexNet license stuff on my server was hopelessly out of date, and all of the tech notes and automated update scripts to fix the licensing crashed and burned when I tried running them, I assume because my software is so old that nobody at MG actually tested the updates against my ancient versions of lmtools and daemon software.


                      My floating licensing setup includes a FlexNet dongle plugged into a USB port on my server. I had to go into the server and manually stop the license daemon, manually unload the old license software, manually update the USB drivers, and manually get the new FlexNet software up and running. The biggest issues were the outdated USB drivers. Once we got those running then things improved rapidly.


                      As it turned out, PADSVX didn't install properly in the first place last week because it couldn't see any of my licenses, so once that was all fixed I got a full install of all my licensed features on my Windows10 box with no issues. Everything looks good ( except I am completely unfamiliar with everything about the new UI and flow). The really good news is that we verified that the new license stuff is backward compatible with the DxDesigner 2005 install on my Windows7 box.


                      So now I'm at the point that I had hoped to be at a week ago....  learning the new PADSVX and trying to learn everything about what can trip me up during the conversion process.


                      Regards...  Jeff