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    ODB++ viewer - show stackup


      In the ODB++ viewer, how to you display the stackup, with dimensions?

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          The ODB++ Viewer has the ability to view what is referred to as a "buildup" view in order to display layers.  It does not have a view that reveals the dielectric thicknesses and copper weights as a developed "stackup" application would have.  I believe this is what you are asking for.


          I hope this answers your questions.


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            Well it does answer my question, but that is not the answer I wanted to hear.

            You get what you pay for...


            Next question, does it support flex cable multiple stackups?


            Thanks Max.



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              Your question, I believe is more of an ODB++ product model question than a viewer question.  The ODB++ product model does support zones were the buildup will consist of a portion of the entire buildup.  That will work for flex or rigid design sources.  The buildup display itself does not illustrate this on its own as that is managed through graphical zone regions defining areas of different buildups.


              I hope that was clear.


              The ODB++ product model is an open database model.  You can learn more about this by visiting the ODB++ Solutions Alliance website.  Once registered you can even download the format document which contains all the product model definition.