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Reg :IBIS-AMI channel analysis

Question asked by on Jun 8, 2018
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      I run the IBIS-AMI channel analysis with single & multi-board for PCIe Gen 2 signal. The following AMI models is used for simulation.




lynx26_serdes.ibs, lynx26_pcie2_5p0g_tx.ami

& Freescale_Lynx26_Tx.dll

xilinx_k7_gtx_ami_rx.ibs, xilinx_k7_gtx_ami_rx.ami & xilinx_k7_gtx_ami_rx.dll

5Gbps Bit rate considered for analysis

                   Schematic representation with single board

Eye density  results as below.

                                              Eye density                                                                                         


schematic representation of same path with multi-board

Eye density results as below.

                                          Eye density                                                                                    

Same simulation parameters are used. Multi-board eye density is acceptable. But Individual board Eye density is not acceptable.

Kindly clarify.

Thanks in advance