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    Hyperlynx SI Generic IBIS Models


      Does Mentor Graphics provide generic driver and receiver buffer models that just follows an IOSTANDARD (e.g. TIA/EIA-644-A (LVDS))? I just want to use a driver and receiver buffer and not search for a driver from a particular manufacturer to look at the signal integrity of a trace. If not, is there a certain website that I can download a generic model of an LVDS receiver/driver?


      Thank you

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          There are a few generic models in the default library at <InstallLocation>/<HL-Version>/SDD_HOME\hyperlynx64\Libs. This library is included by default in the model library paths. The generic models in this library are usually included to show new features of HyperLynx modeling capabilities as they are introduced into the simulation tools. It is not feasible to provide quality models of a lot of signaling protocols. This would further increase the load on quality assurance for every release of the software since many people would expect models provided as part of the software release to be verified and supported as part of the software.


          I suggest a net search for LVDS IBIS to see if there is a readily available model of reasonable quality. Be careful with LVDS. The modeling of this in IBIS is a bit tricky, so check the quality of the model with some simple simulations before you go too far with any particular model.




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            Thank you, Greatly appreciate your quick response