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with part change, old PCB decal does not update if PCB decal is left blank in part editor

Question asked by ampohms on Jun 11, 2018
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Instead of stopping to create parts on the fly, I often use placeholders with the same or similar CAE decal on the schematic.  I'll leave an indicator that the part needs to be updated, then continue on with the schematic design.  I can take the time to necessary to update the placeholder with the correct information later, when it won't interfere with the flow of the larger design process.


So, later I go into Part Editor for these parts, and I create the part.  This usually involves updating attributes, maybe a minor modification to the CAE decal, and a PCB decal update, and then save it to the library.  Most of the time, the placeholder PCB decal differs from the new part.  If a PCB decal for the new part already exists, I'll assign that decal.  Otherwise, I leave the PCB decal field empty, then continue with the schematic design.  I can take the time to create the empty PCB decal later, when it won't interfere with the flow of the schematic design process.


Unfortunately, when I return to the schematic and answer "yes" to update part, the empty PCB decal fields do not update.  They keep the old decal.  Not the case if the PCB decal changed - only if it was left blank. E.g. if the old part had an 0402 decal, and I updated it to an 0603 decal, the decal will update.  But if I left the PCB decal field blank, Logic just fills in the blank with the 0402 decal.


When I saw this, I tried an Update from Library.  The field did not update properly.  I also tried porting to Layout and trying an Update from Library there.  It does not update the field.  An integrity check doesn't help.  If I find the saved part in the library and open it up in the editor, the PCB decal field is empty, so the library part was saved correctly.


The only way I can get the decal to update is if I delete all instances of the part on the schematic, then reinsert it.  With all the instances removed from the schematic, it will pull the correct one from the library.


Is this a flaw, or is there a way to get the empty PCB decal to update when I exit the editor?