Calibre menu configuration in Cadence

Discussion created by horror-vacui on Jun 21, 2018
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Hi everyone,


Could you help me out by pointing to the appropriate documentation or by hints how could I configure the Calibre menu in Cadence?

I was consulting with Calibre ® Interactive TM and Calibre ® RVE TM User's Manual and Calibre ® Solutions for Physical Verification.


I set the environment variable MGC_CALIBRE_VIEWER_MENU_CMDS to the absolute path of my tcl file, into which I copied contents from a documentation:

mgc_calibre_add_menu_item -type command -label "pex_run" \

    -command_type PEX \

    -command "calibre -gui -pex -runset pex.runset -batch"


I checked in Cadence Command Interpreter Window, that the variable is set to the intended value.


The menu item does not appear. In the CDS.log there is no mention about "pex" or the menu_command, but there is another mgc command - I guess as part of the PDK -   'mgc_custom_menus_run_menu_cmd("BI" "mgcViewCalibreReadMe" 'nil ?code "")'. Where should I look further to figure out what is missing?


Shouldn't I use another function to load the customization file? Isn't there a way to manually invoke it?