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How to access objects on the output window of Pads Designer?

Question asked by e.mache on Jun 17, 2018

Quick connection View generates an output to the output Window.

Crossprobe from output Window to the Design Area works well.


Selecting a component/net will not select the result in the output Window.

I want to write a little script which can do this.


But, how to access objects on the output window?


I already managed to access the output window:

Set oVDApp = GetObject(, "Viewdraw.Application")

Set oOutWindow = oVDApp.AddIns("Output").Control

Set oOutTab = oOutWindow.AddTab("Quick Connection View")


With that object, i have access to the Tab Text. Bud did not manage to search and highlight parts of the text (e.g. a Net Name).