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PADS Logic - Selection jumps upon mouse move

Question asked by rjw on Jun 18, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 20, 2018 by johnduquette

When I select a group of gates and nets and then attempt to move them, I find the selection always jumps in a nonsensical way. I have struggled endlessly to work around this vexing productivity killer. I make frequent edits that require similar circuit groups to be well aligned across the schematic page, I require a basic level of control that PADS seems to refuse to provide. I am aware that using the arrow keys is a good way to nudge the selection on the grid. But the seemingly needless initial position jump upon mouse movement utterly destroys the advantages of the nudge control/benefits.

I would certainly appreciate any work-arounds or suggestions anyone might have to avoid this issue.

I am not very hopeful, however, as I haven't seen any comments or questions in this regard.

Please, Mentor, is there any hope that this can or will be changed in the future?