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PADS logic links to PADS layout

Question asked by snowball on Jun 20, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 20, 2018 by johnduquette


I'm trying to link the schematic in pads logic to pads layout.  First, I import the OrCad Capture schematic (.DSN) design into PADS logic.  I have no problem at this step then I click on pads layout icon from the tools.  It took me to the pads out link windows and I click "Send the netlist" where I got a file with a lot of errors relate to the part type not assign decals.  After do some comparisons between pads layout library and pads logic library, I noticed that the part types in my pads layout doesn't match with part types in pads logic library.  Here is an example of one part.


pads layout      PCB Decals                     Part Types

                         610-0020                        610-0020-001


pads logic         PCB Decals                    Part Types                                                    CAE Decals

                         U3                                   610-0020-001-74LS244_SSOP_ALT           610-0020-001-74LS244_SSOP_ALT      


Error message in .err file:

Library Part Type 610-0020-001__74LS244__SSOP_ALT has no decal assigned - not able to check following parts:



So, I think I need to make the part types in pads logic to match with pads layout.  Could you please tell me how to do it? or how to fix the issue?


Thank you so much,