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    DxDesigner - functions improvement



      as I was used to use the Design Capture (DC) every day and now I have to use DxD..... I miss some functions handling.


      1. Deleting net

      There are some cases when designer can't select all the area and push the button Delete to delete specified net.

      In the DC there was an function NET DELETE (see picture 1_net_delete) and deleted all the segments started from the mouse click and finished by junction or component pin....

      Then it is very easy to delete a demonstrated net on my picture (see picture 1_net_delete_how) .. connected only on one side.

      In DxD I have to nearly select all the segments of the net... not much fast way!


      2. Place text - Replace text

      very useful functions are PLACE TEXT and REPLACE TEXT...


      Imagine that you copied a several comkponents placed next to each other... you need change easy and fast the Ref. designator....

      In this case I used the function REPLACE TEXT and the most valuable option in this was possibility to increment or decrement....

      (see picture 2_place_text and 3_replace_text)


      I would really appreciated to have these functionality in DxD as well

      (for me the DxD is not so much powerfull tool..... )




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            There are a couple of different methods to complete the tasks you were familiar with in DC:


          • Delete Net
            • Method 1: Select a net segment in the schematic
            • Right click, choose the "Select Net" command
            • Press Delete (or Right Click and choose the "delete" command)


          • Method 2: Select a net in the design hierarchy browser (auto selects the entire net)
          • Move to the schematic, right click on the highlighted net and choose the "delete" command


          • Find/Replace
            • From the "Edit" menu select the "Find/Replace" command
            • Use the Find/Replace dialog to complete the task


          • Auto Name nets (wint increment/decrement)
            • Select the nets you want to name (area select or "cntrl" select)
            • From the "Edit" menu select the "Name Nets" command
            • Fill out the dialog and press "Next"


          I think you will find that all of the functionality you want is already available.  DC and DxDesigner are different and it will take a little time to learn to leverage the power of DxD if you are used to DC.  I was a long time DC user and it took me a little time to figure out where the commands were located.  In general DxD makes extensive use of right mouse button menus on objects and the hierarchy browser is a useful design creation tool that was no apparent to me at first.  Now that I have been using DxD for about one year I do not think I could go back to DC as I really appreciate the power in DxD that allows me to create designs very quickly.

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            Martin, what version and flow are you using?  EE2007.5 or EE2007.3?


            1. Deleting net, Right Mouse Button Select Net selects the net, and then pressing Del deletes the entire net.


            2.  Place text,  In DxDesigner, Reference Designator is a property, not plain text.  Properties should be edited using the Property window pane.  But for your action, I would use copy the part by selecting the part, then holding down the Ctrl key and dragging it with the mouse.  This will copy the part and reset the Reference Designator to R?  Then Package the design to let the tool create the unique reference designator and avoid duplicating.




            Gary Lameris

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              thank you very much for your answer....

              as you told me... select the net - RIGHT mouse button - there is what I were looking for The SELECT NET BRANCH

              (this function could have its own customize button in menu... but.. OK )


              Concerning the find/replace

              This function can only REPLACE without increment.... OK.

              I would expect the increment and decrement option in this function (to be able to applicate it on Ref. des. e.g.)..... I noticed that this is possible to use it for Auto Net Names


              But many thanks for your description I hope I'll be happy with DxD in the future


              Bye Martin

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                many thank to you as well for your comments

                I switched to version EE2007.5


                Deleting nets - I wrote above...


                In DC I was able to add "text" as a property for component...even with increment or decrement method great for fast renaming (adding) a new Ref. des.

                My problem is that I have a design with 200 pcs  relays. I had to add manually several ref. des and then I copied this relays (with ref. des.)

                In this way I draw one page with 40 relays. (created a bloc of it)

                This block I copied several times.... now I have to change the Ref. des. ..... I would appreciated an "auto" increment method to finish it.

                I have to say that I redraw a schematic drawing created several years ago in different PCB system... so, the Ref. des I have to preserve...it means I can't use packager for automatic renumbering the Ref. des.


                (At the end I had to fill in the Ref. des for all the relays manually )


                Many thanks for your next advice


                Have a nice day


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                  Stealing the thread....


                  There is one thing about DxD which I think is not very good at all:


                  I have seen on several occasions that when I place a global signal ie. "GND" and then connect an arbitrary net, sometimes the global signal that is to be represented by the GND-post gets the name of the other net...


                  The only remedy to this is to once again name the net "GND", but in my humble opinion this should not have to be necessary. Shouldn't a global net connect have a sort of precedence over the other nets or am I missing something?


                  I have never seen this with other vendors' systems....


                  (EE 2007.3)

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                    Hi Martin,


                    Check out this script : Add attributes to selected components or pins sequentially

                    I think it will meet your requirements for quickly adding reference designators.



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                      Hi Ulf,


                      I raised an SR abotu this some time ago, it is fixed for EE2007.5


                      What I want it the ability to have reference designator prefixs on flat designs. You used to be able to do it. But it seems that if Mentor take something out (or forget to put it in) then it becomes and "Enhancement".

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                        Dear John,

                        many thanks for your script

                        This is what I needed.... this hepl me !


                        Good job!


                        Have a nice day


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                          This functionality will be available in DxDesigner 2007.6 using the new Add Properties command, this supercedes the Name Nets command and provides similar functionality to the DC Add Text command. Properties may be added by either pre-selecting objects such as pins and adding properties with increment/decrement options, or by pre-defining the dialog and then selecting the object to which to apply the property, this allows for out-of-sequence numbering.


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                            Good mornin Robert,

                            good news I'm glad and looking forward to this new function.




                            Best Reghards