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Discussion created by MaBUa on Apr 16, 2009
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as I was used to use the Design Capture (DC) every day and now I have to use DxD..... I miss some functions handling.


1. Deleting net

There are some cases when designer can't select all the area and push the button Delete to delete specified net.

In the DC there was an function NET DELETE (see picture 1_net_delete) and deleted all the segments started from the mouse click and finished by junction or component pin....

Then it is very easy to delete a demonstrated net on my picture (see picture 1_net_delete_how) .. connected only on one side.

In DxD I have to nearly select all the segments of the net... not much fast way!


2. Place text - Replace text

very useful functions are PLACE TEXT and REPLACE TEXT...


Imagine that you copied a several comkponents placed next to each other... you need change easy and fast the Ref. designator....

In this case I used the function REPLACE TEXT and the most valuable option in this was possibility to increment or decrement....

(see picture 2_place_text and 3_replace_text)


I would really appreciated to have these functionality in DxD as well

(for me the DxD is not so much powerfull tool..... )