Empty layer define in Calibre DRC/LVS

Discussion created by venkateshwarlu on Jun 25, 2018
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I want to define an empty layer. Is it possible in Calibre LVS/DRC? (The reason is this layer is not present in current version of PDK, but it will be added later in the stable PDK release).

Currently, we don't have the GDS number defined for this particular layer..but we know the layer number will be added in the later PDK releases. But I want to use this layer in the some of the derived layers for the current PDK release so that I no need to update these derived layers later.

Once i know the layer number in the upcoming PDK releases, i will remove the empty layer with the correct layer number.


In Assura LVS/DRC we can define empty layer like "xyz = geomEmpty()" . Is there a similar way in Calibre svrf?