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Layout filemerge problem

Question asked by mahmouddagher on Jun 28, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 28, 2018 by chris_balcom

I try to merge my final GDSII file I got from SoC Encounter with my std cell library Nangate GDSII and for this I'm using Calibre DESIGNrev so I wrote this command;ng45nm_std_cells_new.gds


layout filemerge -in aes_g.gds -in ng45nm_std_cells_new.gds -out merged.gds -mode overwrite


But then it says: [Filemerge requires consistent units and precision across layout. Check layout 'aes_g.gds' and 'ng45nm_std_cells_new.gds' for discrepancy]


I don't have any experience before with this so I don't understand this error. Could you clraify this? and is this the way to merge between gds files or there is other solutions I should see?