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    "EZwave is not available" in hyperlinx


      I am unable now to run my simulations in Hyperlynx because of this error.


      I've tried uninstall and reinstall as well as countless restarts. This is occuring after a windows 10 update on my machine which may be the cause, either way, does anyone know how I would fix it?

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          This sounds like it might be the Fall Creator version of Windows 10. See this article on Support Center.


          And here are a few more items to check.

          Make sure environment variables for %TMP% %TEMP% exist and are writable.

          Make sure %PATH% includes




          Make sure %windir% and %systemroot% are set to C:\Windows

          Verify USERNAME and USERPROFILE are set correctly

          Verify ComSpec references the cmd.exe

          Try setting AMS_JAVA_MEMORY_HEAP low, as in AMS_JACVA_MEMORY_HEAP="-Xms100M -Xmx200M"