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DRC - Show a path between two objects

Question asked by newatthis on Jul 10, 2018
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I know this is a specific question about a specific situation, and I can't share the code because it's proprietary, but I'm hoping someone can give a hit as to where to go from here.


My DRC shows a violation saying that a piece of OD is connected directly (or possibly through resistors) to a bondpad. This is causing a latchup violation. The violation does not tell me which pad the OD is connected to, and it doesn't tell me what path it found that connects the OD to the pad.


Ideally, I would like DRC to highlight the path that it has found from the OD to the bondpad.


Does anyone have an idea of how to highlight the path? It seems to me like it should be possible, since DRC has already clearly determined that the path exists.


Thanks very much for your time.