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    Assembly Variants options


      In  Assembly Variants, parts can only be NO_STUFF or  REPLACE  by another part. It would be helpful if LEADED or other attributes can be added in the pull down menu.

      For Example, Thu-hole connectors and other leaded parts can have  a property attribute as "LEADED".





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          Hello Cesario,


          VM (Variant Manager) works with part numbers. So if you choose a leaded part, it must have the leaded part number in the field. Otherwise you would have a special mechanism to tell that the component you put the attribute leaded is e.g. a connector, and then select from the right part number out of the connectors. A two step approach.


          So for now the best way is to put the part number in the field using the replace mechanism. IF you configure settings- libray query setup correctly, it will offer you the choice you set up.


          Hope this helps



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            Hello Milostnik,

            Thank you for your input.

            Here is the thing that I'm trying to do. I would like to automate the processes in creating BOM and pick and place data. Using VM works for me but not 100% yet. I can replaced or substitute parts by accessing the libs. Most of my design we used leaded part for power connector. In VM settings  there's only one option I have.   " Unplaced Keyword  --NO_STUFF"  It would be nice if I can add some more like "LEADED, HANPLACED, etc.


            With Kind Regards,


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              Hello Cesario,

              let make this simple simulation and see what you want.

              Because I dont know your product, let in this simulation assume that your have this kind of variants


              Now in your example you would like to put the words leaded in the places where a component has lead. Like this

              So now comes the fun part: if D2BL in variant -001 is leaded, and D2C in variant  -001 is leaded too. What component should the manufacturer put on the board? For variant -000 -003 and -004 it is the default 93HH5228-6.


              Does "Leaded" mean 93HH5228-3 or SEQ3333-0046 or something else? Should the manufacturer put SEQ3333-0046 at D2BL?


              You see putting a property in the cell of the column is not the solution. VM makes it right by putting the part number.


              My guess is that you have another type of problem. You do not know if 93HH5228-6 or 93HH5228-3 has lead.

              So what you would really like (I guess) is some kind of indication that a component in a cell has a given attribute, like "leaded"


              In this version of VM this is not possible, but if VM would have more capabilities, you could by selecting the cell see all attributes of this part number.

              Like in my suggestion a floating property window.

              I will make an idea, so you can vote on it:


              Add a floating property window on VM


              Hope this helps


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                Hello Matija,

                Thanks again for you time and idea. Actually I tried something like your idea before but I did not able achieved my ultimate goal .

                I have a a couple of script that can automate the BOM and pick and place file, outputting stuffing options correctly except the leaded and handplaced parts.


                Right now the VM don't have the pull down menu to add more attributes like LEADED , HANDPLACE , ETC.


                P1 in screenshot below is leaded part and it's the same PN across all the variants.

                If I could only do coded  P1  thru VM setting, then I can have all my BOM and ZZ report 100% with out any manual editing.


                and the output should look like this

                L12   X    505.00    Y    2110.00 0 SET2859-0122

                ;P1    X    990.00    Y    1385.00 180 3AZZ1241-1_LEADED

                Q7    X    305.00     Y    620.00 270 SEQ3329-0018




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                  Why not add the leaded or handplaced attributes as properties to the components, then read these properties with your BOM creation script?


                  The variant manager is not intended for this level of property use, but the components themselves are well-suited to it.