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      I have been running an IBIS-AMI based project. There have been no problem to simulate the project.

      My question is , how to save the data generated in  the report. I don't see any log files generated following the simulation.

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          The IBIS-AMI Channel Analyzer saves a number of files that can help you to retrieve the settings used in the simulations. For example, in the first page of the wizard,  you can choose to save settings to file. The result of checking that box will be a *.few file, which is a configuration file containing all/most of the settings used in the simulation. As you go over the wizard's pages you have options to save the pulse/step responses of the channel, the Tx and Rx AMI settings, etc. In the last page of the wizard, there is a "AMI model debug info log" drop-down list.  If you select the "Extended" option, the wizard will generate all the init.lis and getwave.lis files that you can load in the EZwave viewer. Moreover the wizard generates the .sds and .tps files that will allow you to retrieve the eye density and BER plots even after closing the IBIS-AMI sweeps viewer.


          This being said, the wizard does not save a report per se. If you want an HTML or a pdf report that captures the results, I would suggest you trying the new SerDes Wizard in the HyperLynx VX2.4 Beta B release that you can download from the following link:




          Hope this helps,