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    Add company logo to xDxDesigner VX2.2



      how can i add, in the symbol editor environment, a company logo to the border symbol?

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          In version VX2.3 Mentor added a way to import a DXF file and it seems to work pretty good.  We are on 2.2 as well and what I did was install an instance of 2.3 so I could import our logo and add it to our border.  So far, I haven't had any issues in 2.2 accessing the border.  I would recommend working on a copy of your library.


          The following is what I wrote on the idea site.  Hopefully, I will help you avoid some of the issues I had:


          "I can verify that this does work, once you figure out some of the limitations.  I would like to give out one pointer so that you don't have to go through the frustration that I just went through this afternoon. If your DXF file has hatches, remove them since they will not come through on the import.  My file only had hatches and nothing ever imported, even though Mentor said the import was successful.  I only figured this out once I finally tried to import a different file.  What I did to fix this was to go into AutoCAD, select the hatch, and then ran the hatch edit command.  Then selected Recreate boundaries and just used the defaults.  Afterwards you can delete the hatch and you are left with an outline.  Once you do the import into symbol editor, you will need to change the fill from hollow to solid.


          I never could find any documentation on this function, but I did find a video that Mentor put together that is of some help, https://support.mentor.com/en/product/852852130/knowledge-base/MG601654?pid=sc%3Asearch&pid_context=symbol%20editor%20im…

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            You can just add the logo, no need to convert it to dxf.


            - Save the logo in the BMP format

            - In the symbol editor, from the menu bar, select "Add-->insert object".

            - Select the "Create from File" radio button and use the "Browse" button to select the BMP file.

            - Click "OK", and there it is.

            - You can resize it and move it to the correct position.


            We use a white background and a black text/logo,  When you print the schematic, only the log/text is vissible







            Regards, Charles

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              We did that in the past and but when we recently changed our company name and logo we had all kinds of problems bringing the logo in.  It would change the aspect ratio when it was imported.  We mucked around with the size to get the aspect ratio close, but was never 100% right.  Maybe it was just our logo, but it never really looked right when it was printed (Looked fine on screen).  To me, importing the DXF was a much cleaner process (Once I figured out the details of the process) and the logo is part of the border instead of a linked object.


              So there is more than one way to skin a cat or in this instance add a logo