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Error: Failed to populated the maps from iCDB database

Question asked by gpierpont67 on Jul 18, 2018

I see this in the GenerateECO_log.txt file and I'm not sure how to fix it. In Pads Designer, I can package a sch design, but when I open PADS Layout and try the Project Integration > Forward Annotation, I get:

Opening iCDB connection...
PCB file loaded -- C:\PADS\release_documents\Small_Servo_X9\SmallServo.pcb -- version 10.0.1

Forward Annotation - synchronizing iCDB...
Package PADS Designer board...
Packager log file: -- C:\PADS\release_documents\Small_Servo_X9\Package.log
Generating ECX file...
Generating ECX file finished finished with error(s).
Opening iCDB connection...
Connection to iCDB server has been re-established.
Forward Annotation finished with error(s). Current command will be terminated.


I've tried all the options and get the same thing.

I've tried a few things from the help center and I've wasted enough time on this.


any ideas?