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coordinate system in ECAD-MCAD collaborator

Question asked by phiet on Jul 20, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 23, 2018 by phiet

3D models (partquest, M3DL, vendor) often come in with different coordinate system location then layout geometr , i.e (0,0,0) origin is not necessary the same as (0,0) of the geometries.

In Xpedtion/PADS pro, there's option to mate them in 3D. This is ok, But then when user generate idx to transfer to MCAD (we are using solidworks), the mating operation is not written and transfered (as far as I can see in my testing), so the MCAD reconstructed board have part displaced and oriented differently. In MCAD, we can "remate" again but I wonder how it will affect next time transfer back and forth... will it indicate as a displace movement to the part ?


Does anyone have experience with that ? do you need to have identical origin system for both layout and 3D ? if yes, where does people put down (0,0 for layout geometry ) ?


Thanks everyone for the inputs