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    Batch layout netlist extraction




      Good day to all. I just would like to ask for help if someone know how can I extract netlist from GDS by batch. I will have multiple gds and I need to extract netlist from them. I am not planning to use LVS GUI of Calibre because it will be one by one. The one I am planning to do is a batch extraction. Thanks in advance.



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          Hi Arnel,


          Here's a simple command line example that might be appropriate for a small design:


          % calibre -spice layout.spi rules > log


          For a larger design you might want to use something like this instead:


          % calibre -turbo -hyper -spice layout.spi rules > log


          Assuming the rule file "rules" in the examples above contained the necessary statements for path to the layout database and name of the primary cell in the layout etc. the job should run in batch mode while you end up with a log file called "log" and a layout netlist called "layout.spi".