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Deleting system attributes (Part Name, Part Label, Part Number) - PADS VX Standard

Question asked by kollateral on Jul 26, 2018
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Hi everyone,


I got a problem that no one seemed to ask about since now. I have to premise, I'm quite new to Mentor world. I'm an old Altium user but, for now, I'm not feeling bad with PADS in this first month of work.


But what I can't really solve, is how properties in xDX Designer do really work.


For what I could understand, Properties of a component placed into a schematic are Symbol defined and added to the symbol itself in the Symbol Editor, once you had created them in the Property Definition Editor.

Now, I saw that in xDX Designer you can instantiate a component in two ways.


1) as Part (a "container" that contains the Symbol and the Decal that are linked each other).

If you place the part, you can infact choose the decal you want to associate (if you have assigned more than one decal to that part).


2) as a symbol. In this case you are just putting a Symbol into schemes, that has no effect at all on layout, since it's just a symbol that is not carrying a Decal (commonly known as "footprint").


Now, the point is that I noticed that every time you place a part, in addition to the properties that I created and added to the Symbol, there are three other properties called "Part Name", "Part Number" and "Part Label".

These three propertis, in the Properties Definition Editor, are system-type and greyed out. I cannot delete/modify them.

I do not want them to appear in the propertis list in xDX Designer, because I'm using other names. They are not a problem for PartLister of course, but they bored me cause are just useless since I'm not using them.


I found them also in the Part Editor (Attributes tab), but if I delete them and than try again to place the part, I still see them in the property list of the component, in xDX Designer.

(BTW, what are part attributes used for, why I can't add other attributes to the list and why are called "attributes" and not "property" since they show up in the property list of a component, with the other property that I defined on symbol-side? This is a lot confusing).


Thanks for any help.