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    List SV array of interface from questasim/vsim prompt


      I have a design where I'd like to list the ports of a module from a DO file.  These ports are system verilog interfaces (named sv_intf) and some are arrays of system verilog interface.  Using the find instances command I can list the interfaces, however that ones that are arrays of interfaces do not show up.




      find instances -r sim:/testbench/DUT/some_module/*

      # {/testbench/DUT/some_module/intf_a (sv_intf)}

      {/testbench/DUT/some_module/intf_b (sv_intf)}

      {/testbench/DUT/some_module/intf_c (sv_intf)}


      In this example it lists the 3 ports which have type sv_intf, but not the 4th port intf_d[3:0] of type array of sv_intf is not listed.  Is there a different command or different options I should use?


      Note that "add wave" does in fact add all of the ports to a wave, but I need to list all of the all ports for this task.  Also note that I can examine the array of interface via it's path /testbench/DUT/some_module/intf_d[0], but can't figure out how to list them all from various modules.


      Thanks in advance!