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Dual Dimension drill chart from layout to drawing

Question asked by andrew_french on Aug 7, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 27, 2018 by andrew_french

We do our boards in xpedition and our drawings in the drawing editor.  We have the need for dual hole dimensions on the drawing file.  In order for us to accomplish this we have to manually run ncdrill in english units push it over to the drawing, copy the chart to a user layer. Go run ncdrill again using metric, push over to the drawing and read it in.  So we end up with two drill charts, one in metric and one in english.  Its a pretty annoying processes and prone to error.


This seems ripe for automation but I keep hitting little road blocks and I'm not sure the best way to approach this now.  At first I thought using the MGCPCBEngines.NCDrill was my answer for creating the drill charts and all but from what I'm taking away is batch engines are for running outside of the Expedition project.  I also ran into licensing issues with the NCdrill engine despite having the xeautoextended license.  Any time I ran the NCDrill.Go command my code would complain of no license and the mentor examples do not show any special license check out for the extended license and they do work which is frustrating.


Okay so next approach was to try and run NC drill through the App.Gui.ProcessCommand and then grab the nc drill window using App.Gui.FindDialog("NC Drill Generation") which works.  I can then use the button command to push ok, but I want to load my own configurations.  At this point I can't grab any of the other buttons on the window like the machine file format and I can't send the window keyboard commands.


I feel like there should be a good way to tackle this problem, its just not jumping out at me just yet.