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    LVS ignore select Ports during reduction & compare


      Is there a way to ignore a select port during the LVS reduction & compare?

      For example, there is a thermal node (THERM) that can be extracted as floating in our devices since it is not an electrical connection. If there is a device in parallel with it, it will be in parallel for all ports except the floating THERM node.   I would like to ignore the THERM node during the LVS reduction and compare.

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          Hi Derrick,


          There is no dedicated statement for ignoring a specific port by name. You may want to try LVS IGNORE TRIVIAL NAMED PORTS YES and see if that helps.


          Another approach that might work depending on the connectivity is to eliminate the user name on the floating node. You could try this:



          LAYOUT CELL LIST A "my_cell_name"


          where my_cell_name is the name of the cell with the THERM text object you want to ignore  for the time being.


          If those methods don't work, maybe provide a layout SPICE netlist excerpt showing the problem and the discrepancy that you're getting in the LVS report.