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Only Symbol-name shown in Favorites of "My Parts"-Window.

Question asked by gw@byk on Aug 22, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 6, 2018 by gw@byk

Hello everyone,


we switched just recently from PADS9.5 to VX, so there are still some questions coming up. Today I wanted to use the "Favorites" of "My Parts"-Window. I can drag and drop parts into the Favorites-View, but I can see only the name of the symbol. With ICs this might work OK (I didn't try this yet), but with resistors or capacitors it gets quiet confusing very soon.


A quick search came up with this video: Xpedition DxDesigner: Component Placement using "My Parts" Function - YouTube  showing, that there is some Property that can be used to identify parts in favorites. Can anyone please tell me, what property I need?


Is there the possibility, to configure the My Parts Window?


Thank you in advance, kind regards,