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    Only Symbol-name shown in Favorites of "My Parts"-Window.


      Hello everyone,


      we switched just recently from PADS9.5 to VX, so there are still some questions coming up. Today I wanted to use the "Favorites" of "My Parts"-Window. I can drag and drop parts into the Favorites-View, but I can see only the name of the symbol. With ICs this might work OK (I didn't try this yet), but with resistors or capacitors it gets quiet confusing very soon.


      A quick search came up with this video: Xpedition DxDesigner: Component Placement using "My Parts" Function - YouTube  showing, that there is some Property that can be used to identify parts in favorites. Can anyone please tell me, what property I need?


      Is there the possibility, to configure the My Parts Window?


      Thank you in advance, kind regards,



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          If you are using the netlist flow (and with PADS 9.5 you had no other choice) then the equivalent property is DEVICE, which uniquely identifies the part. To achieve this it is assumed you have some kind of parametric database in Databook, then you drag and drop from here to My Parts.

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            Hello Robert.


            Thank you for your answer. Yes, I still use netlist flow for my projects. When I hover the mouse pointer over the symbol, there are some more information shown, as can be seen below. The Device-Property is "129208.0100", but this information is not helping very much, as I just don't remember the device properties of my 500 Resistors. (Yes, I just place 4 or 5 in the favorites, but I still don't know those device-numbers by heart.)  TECHNAME would be the property of choice, as this property contains the resistance-value as text, but it is empty.


            Is there a way to configure favorites bar, e.g. by manipulating the DxDesiggner.xml-file?


            Thanks and regards,