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Import function group from xDX designer to Variant manager

Question asked by nobuakitanaka on Aug 22, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 4, 2018 by nobuakitanaka

Hello all


My customer would like to set function managed variant groups from something xDX designer property.


Now they are setting function group as user property on xDX designer by his hand , also setting almost same information on variant manager by his hand.

Those works are double-work, so he would like to improve his work efficiency removing either works.

So, I would like to confirm feasibility imporing xDX designer's property infomation to Variant manager directly.

Is there such kind of functionality in general feature? or is there any mthod to achieve such functionality? 


Could you please give me your knowldge to solve it?

My customer is now using VX1.2 Expedition Flow, near future they will be using VX2.3 after upgraded.