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    Shifting Libraries



      I have inherited a design from a sister BU that was created in xDX Designer, my team also uses xDX Designer.

      However, there is no commonality between our libraries. We maintain a set of symbol libraries and an MS Access DB for our parts, the other BU did the same.

      Is there an automated or script-able way to transition from on library to another?



      Curtis Belknap

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          It is not quit clear to me what you try to achieve.


          Do you want to use an other library for your schematics.  Just change the path to the library in the settings and you are done. Packaging errors

          may happen.


          But do you want to merge the two libraries into one new library. Open the library in the library manager, export everything in the EDX

          format (file->export EDX), select everything you want to export and hit the button.


          You can import the generated EDX file into a new or existing library. (File->Import EDX)

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            The core of the problem is that we maintain internal part numbers in our DB but our sister BU did not. How do we map these attributes onto the symbols in their design?


            I forgot to mention previously that we both use Netlist flow.