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    Problems with Standard Plus Lessons - Noob Question


      Hi all,


      I'm stumbling and bumbling through the Evaluation Lessons for PADS Standard Plus and I can't get past Lesson 7.


      I'm stuck on section L7-10. I've followed the steps over and over, but I keep getting the same error message:


      ERROR:  There is no Part Number: LM741N in the Parts

            DataBase for symbols with Part Name: (null) and Part Label: (null).

            [Please add the Part Number to the PDB either directly

             or by having the project file point to a PDB that contains it.]

             The relevant symbols are:

              Block CORPORATE!Analog, Page Analog, Symbol $1I65 <!#!><objindex>576463990708764674</objindex>


           1 packaging error has been found.

            For those errors that only involve the application of wrong

            pin numbers, either repackage the schematic by hand or

            simply remove at least one pin number per symbol to enable

            automatic packaging when you run this procedure again.



      What am I doing wrong?


      Thanks in advance.

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          Hi Michael. I'm sorry you're having difficulty with the lessons. I've moved your question to the PADS/DxDesigner community where it should get a quicker response.

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            For Packager to succeed, it needs to find P/N "LM741N" in the Parts Database.

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              How do I correct that?


              I'm surprised no one else has encountered this problem... It appears that whoever created those lessons left out a step or didn't have another person walk through the entire lesson package.

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                FYI: This same error message is shown in the lesson, page L7-7, but the lesson never explains that error, nor does the lesson ever correct it, which is why I'm stuck spinning my wheels.


                EDIT: And nowhere in the lesson does it tell you to assign Reference Designator numbers to the three transistors that you've replaced.

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                  Hello Michael and welcome!

                  In Lesson 7 we have you encounter a failure while packaging so that you can see what a failure looks like.  In the lesson, on page L7-7 the error is introduced and you are instructed to replace the Q1 symbol (as well as q0.1 $1I1251 and q0.1$1I1232) on page L7-8 with MMBT3904-TP from the Transistors partition. In VX.2.3 the Guide directs you for the Natopamp, on Page L7-9 to use the symbol you recently made in Lesson6.  The idea is to practice changing orientation when you place a symbol.  On page L7-10 step 10 you are instructed to remove both of the natopamp symbols and reconnect the nets in the schematic.  In VX.2.2 of the Guide, you are instructed to replace the natopamp symbol with TI LMV7271MF from the IC partition.  Either method (removing the symbol or replacing with TI LMV7271MF) works.

                  If you are using VX.2.3 of the guide, removing the symbol and reconnecting the schematic and then going back to Setup > Project Integration will have the schematic package and Forward Annotation completes successfully.

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                    Hi Tina!

                    Thanks for the clarification.

                    One more question: When I remove both natopamp symbols, what do I reconnect those dangling nets to since the symbol was removed?

                    I thought that was rather an odd instruction, and there wasn't an image to show what the final schematic would look like.

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                      You can reconnect the nets as you wish.  Just reconnect and the Forward Annotation will complete successfully so you can go on to looking at the Constraint Manager which is where you want to explore next.  As the Guide says, this is simply a guide so you can explore different areas while moving through the design.  So by it's nature it presents situations to you so you can explore what happens and then go on to the next level of learning.  It also provides a cornerstone that you can come back to when you just want to try something that you're not sure of how it works or what would happen.  So experiment and don't feel that it has to be perfect - (I know how hard that can be at times). 

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                        I gotcha.

                        The instructions to remove the two symbols and reconnect threw me... In my mind, I expected to replace it with another symbol.

                        I guess I was trying too hard to get everything right, as if I was taking an exam.

                        Thanks again for your help and insight... I'm sure I'll have more questions as I stumble through the lessons.