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Paste Mask segments on a thermal SM GND pad

Question asked by richc@mi on Aug 30, 2018


Ref: Using Pads Layout V2.3 and Pads Logic V2.3.

I've been trying to locate some information on how to create the segmented paste mask openings in a SM part that requires a central thermal pad. I looking at some of the conversation, I see that some people use copper. How do you accurately create a rectangle to the size and shape that you want?...and then how to you accurately place that rectangle at the origin so that you could do a step and repeat process?

So far, I've simply been placing thru hole pads and adding the paste layer that I want for each one, thereby creating a grid.


Also, since this drafting tool is so challenging, can I create shapes in AutoCad and dxf into Pads Layout?