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Replace Part on a hierarchical design

Question asked by milostnik on Aug 31, 2018
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Hello Folks,


I am unsure if the behaviour of the Replace Part command is working as designed or not.


The idea of replace parts it that the replace command will find all relevant components to replace and show them in the list of parts found.

By selecting or deselecting them you can control which parts will be replaced or not. So far so good.


IF you have a hierarchical design and you search for one component in the hierarchy, in my example R5034, you can replace this parts.

As indicated it is the only part that is marked as selected and a candidate to change.


To my surprise I found out that all components in the hierarchical structure have been changed. In my example R5034, R7034, R9034 and R11034, all became a 0R resitstors, instead of having R5034 a 0R value and the other untouched.

This is not what I expect from this tool.

I have selected only one component and I expect that this one component with the specified RefDes will be changed. The fact that this component is in a hierarchical tree should not allow the tool to change all of them.


Any comment on this command and how it works?