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    xRC: possible to generate "SPECTRE" output from a "CALIBREVIEW" extraction?


      Hi! I am trying to debug some issues with the extracted-view generation in our flow. I am running 2 types of extractions:


      • Type "A": running xRC with "SPECTRE" in the "Format" field (under "PEX Options"->"Netlist"). This produces an extracted spectre netlist that is OK (i.e. simulations match expectations).
      • Type "B": running xRC (GUI mode) with "CALIBREVIEW" in the "Format" field, and then using the CalibreView tool to generate a "calibre" view, produces a view with some issues (e.g. MOS back-annotation parameters missing, double-counted capacitors, etc).


      Thus I use the spectre netlist as my "golden" reference to verify my "calibre" views as I debug our flow. However, this means that I need to run xRC 2 times, which for large cells takes very long. So my question is: is it possible to generate a spectre netlist LIKE THE ONE OBTAINED IN RUN TYPE "A", from a run type "B"?


      Please note I'm not referring to the type of spectre netlist obtained by checking the box "Generate SPECTRE nelist" in the "Calibre View Setup" window (this produces a different netlist which is not directly usable our simulations).

      Thanks and regards, Jorge.