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    Calibre Perc Topo check



      when I ran Calibre Perc Topology check, I encounter an error as above .. Basically, there is one inverter (nch_25_mac + pch_25_mac)

      whose output is connected to pad with ESD diodes. Calibre complain about the device type of nmos transistor .... I don't understand...



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          Hi RoseRiver-


          I don't think Calibre is complaining about the device type.  It appears that your PERC rules check for specific values in your ESD protection.  The message in the pane says that it must meet one of the three cases (the lines beginning 1, 2, and 3).  The following lines, beginning ESD, are not consecutive (notice, for example, there is no ESD 21) so I suspect what the message is trying to say is that your layout fails the ESD check (assuming case 1) based on not satisfying the listed ESD cases.


          Is there a specific message that mentions device type?


          Hope that helps-