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    equivalent to "WScript.ScriptFullName"?


      Because in Mentor Automation "WScript" is an unknown object, so I'm not not be able to figure out the Scripts-Directory!

      Is there a way to become that information within Mentor Automation Scripting?


      I need it, because I will save in the Scripts Directory additional files, that I need inside my scripting.

      And I favor to be dynamically and won't save static path.

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          I understand the question but don't have an answer yet.  How are you invoking the script?  I ask because it might be possible to pass the script location as a argument to the script...?

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            Unfortunately, the answer is both yes and no, depending upon the application.  In xPCB Automation documentation, the source folder for a running script can be determined from ScriptHelper.Arguments(2).  But, xDX Automation does not have access to ScriptHelper.


            I filed this issue as a service request in May 2017 (SR #2962701072: How can a running script find its source folder?), which was quickly closed with the standard statement to submit this item as an enhancement request on the Ideas site. (IOW: Go pound sand).

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              Did you file an Idea? If so, please post the link here so that more people can vote for it.

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                If mgcscript is used to invoke the script then ScriptHelper.Arguments CAN be used to obtain script's complete full name for DxDesigner as well.  Here's an example:


                Dim ScriptArgs
                Set ScriptArgs = ScriptHelper.Arguments

                 arg1, sScriptName

                arg1 = ScriptArgs.Item(1)
                sScriptName = ScriptArgs.item(2)

                MsgBox"arg1 is " & arg1
                MsgBox"Script name is " & sScriptName

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                  Thanks for answers. I don't like the option to pass a parameter for that (I don't need just the one or another value).


                  I will load some shared script or own include-files and to make a kind of things editable for me and admins. sometimes also just a .cfg in format of VBScript (Const etc.) So I load some own include scripts, like Classes/Basefuncs etc...


                  Set hwnd = fso.OpenTextFile("<path of scriptform>\include.vbs",1,False)
                  ExecuteGlobal hwnd.ReadAll()                      ' -- Include Class script
                  Set hwnd = Nothing


                  The big advantage is, that I can store some controlled code out of a .efm formular. Unique Basefunctions maybe, that use different .efm's or anything else. When I read right, there is no way to currently find out the scripts-path? it's a pity


                  Okay my solution now is... to store my include-scripts in a fixed path and create a Systemvariable (Environment) for that path...

                  Set WshShell = CreateObject("Wscript.Shell")


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                    AATK, XPKGUTILS, vendor specific toolkits, and my customers all set an environment variable to specify the root of their scripting directory.  That way one script can call another, get icons...