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How to connect explicit net to hidden signal pins.

Question asked by amccarter on Sep 11, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 12, 2018 by robert_davies

Hi, I am having an issue with connecting an explicitly named global node to the power or ground pin of a component because that pin is not shown on the symbol. Instead of power and ground pins it just says, "VCC;8" or "GND;4" when you place the symbol in the schematic. I am using PADS VX2.3, but this is a question I have had since VX2.1. It seems that all of the ICs that come with the standard library all seem to be void of power and pins. At first I assumed you change the value in the property editor under Signal to the desired value. In my case I wanted pin 8 to be connected to a global net that I called "+5V_HAZ" so I changed the value of Signal to read "+5V_HAZ;8". I also connected the +5V_HAZ net symbol to the DC/DC converter that was in my design and then opened the layout tool to verify my theory. I opened the PADS layout tool, imported and dispersed the components, and then looked at the pin in question. When I looked at the pin with net names visible it still said "VCC" as the net for pin 8.


Please help, this should be a simple fix but I am clueless and at wit's end!