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Script Launch on PADS Layout Start Up

Question asked by cbedard on Sep 17, 2018

Can an option be added to the command line to launch PADS Layout such that a VB Script will launch on Layout start up?


I know I can run a Macro in this way, but will a VB Script run like that?


Such as setting the PADS Layout ICON Target to:

C:\MentorGraphics\9.4PADS\SDD_HOME\Programs\powerpcb.exe /run=C:\MentorGraphics\PADS Projects\Samples\Scripts\Layout\10-List Of Comps and Nets.bas


This seems to have the effect of opening that script in the Output Window instead of actually running the script.


Maybe I have to launch a script by running a Macro as an option on the ICON Target instead of trying to run the VB Script?