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Rotate Terminals in the Decal Editor?

Question asked by mwoi on Sep 13, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 18, 2018 by mwoi

Hi all,


I'm manually creating a decal for a connector and I noticed several things that I apparently cannot do in the Decal Editor:


1. I need to create a padstack with an oblong pad, but the Decal Editor will not let me make an oblong pad with a width wider than its length. Why??

2. As a workaround I wanted to create the oblong footprint and rotate it, but the Decal Editor has no feature that will let me rotate a terminal or a group of terminals. Why??


This makes it really awkward for me to make the decal, since the hole pattern in the manufacturer's datasheet is arranged horizontally, while the Decal Editor is forcing me to make the decal vertically.


Any suggestions?


Thanks in advance.