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lmUtil Arguments / License Questions

Question asked by fuba on Sep 13, 2018
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lmUtil, -the License Checker outputs quite a lot information and parameter for lmutil.

The question now is similar to "lmUtil - parameter for "Automation Pro License" " this discussion here.

This thread here should be a more general thread about lmUtil and its parameters, not especially like the one above on Automation.


My Question this time is,


what is:

  1. "intexpflow" - License, - is that the "Concurrent Design-License" ??
  2. "wgpcb" vs. "pcbexpedition", where is the difference here ??
    pcbexpedition returns always 0 licenses used even when I know that we have some users on that tool.
  3. what licenses are minimal needed for running xDx Designer ??
  4. is there an offical list which parameter is which tool within the big environment ?


Note for some people who are new on this:

          The License Status of a certain license can be ckecked like this:


     C:\MentorGraphics\EEVX.2.1\SDD_HOME\common\win64\bin\lmutil.exe -f wgpcb


Thank you