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xDX-Designer "MyParts" extension "Components in the Design"

Question asked by fuba on Sep 14, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 14, 2018 by peter_festesen

Not sure if that one is already existing as a survey/idea.

I like the idea of having this "My Parts" Window in xDX, but I cannot realy use it for my daily work.


Here is the new idea:

I would prefer an another Tab in that "My Parts" window, where I can directely see

which components in the Design I already have and with wich amount, also I like

to pick them from there and place them in the Schematic.


Think about the following, you are extending an existing Schematic,

and like to insert a Pullup Resistor or ... .

The absolute Value of that component is not really of interest for you,

If it is a little bit more or less that's fine for that situation.


So you can see in that window directly clearly what is available,

and what not, what can also fit.


With that Information at the end, you

==> keep the amount of SMD Feeders low

==> increase part Volume (get better Part Price)


in Total:

==> optimize the Design during Creation


The above mentioned is also very Interesting when you

work in big Teams, where every Designer adds a certain part,

and creates doubles without knowing it.


When it comes than down to production, you have to do this

work or optimizing (SMD Feeders, Part Volumes, ...) anyway,


Thank you


( I was trying to create an "Idea" or a "Survey", but having no rights on that ? - why ?)