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    Part replacement



      We have just moved over to DxDesigner from Design Capture. We are also starting to use DxDatabook for the added BOM functionality. Does any body know an easy way of updating parts in a legacy design (migrated from DC) with parts placed from our Central Library so that the parts now include all the info now contained in DxDatabook.




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          Hi Andy,


          become friend and proficient with ALE - Advanced Library Editor.

          It will help you export the library, manipulate the output, with some text manipulation (or working with spreadsheets)

          Then at the end re-import the changed files and thus updating the library.


          Hope this helps


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            I think his question is how to "updating parts in a legacy design (migrated from DC) with parts placed from our Central Library so that the parts now include all the info now contained in DxDatabook"

            If your part still have same name, same partition then an Package with "update6 PDB properties on Symbol" should bring back any property you have in you new dxdatabook. (properties will be also placed if they are defined as common properties and placed in symbol)

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              Apologies for the delay in replying but work projects demanded that we went back to VX2.2 and DC for a while. Anyway we are back with DxD and I have just tried your advice but unfortunately the manufacturer part numbers from Databook did not come through after Packager was run as suggested. Part numbers are the same but because of the way we had DC setup Part Label has now become Part Name.

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                then it will be easy to remap your databook to use correct Field Name as property "Part Number"

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                  Make sure that in the setup the correct library and DxDatabook configuriation file are defined and use the Part replace fuctionality in DxDesigner  to replace the old parts with the new part in the library.

                  You have to do this for each part, then do a DxDatabook verification to ensure that all properties are loaded.

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                    Set up Databook to annotate the required properties and then run Live or Hierarchical Verification - I suggest you start using Search to do this as it will replace Databook over time (it uses the sme configuration file as Databook so inherits all the settings), but if you feel more comfortable with Databook then use it. Verification will flag symbols with any properties that should be annotated but are missing and allows you to annotate them in one step.

                    (See this Idea for more details Need to update all symbol properties with actual values from DxDatabook in one step. - D2421 )