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3D export messed up in VX.2.4?

Question asked by kbak on Sep 26, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 28, 2018 by chuckt

I have started to take a look at VX.2.4. Especially in the 3D area.

I can see a huge change in the 3D Export function compared to VX.2.2 ( I don't know in VX.2.3).

It is great that it is now possible to export Silkscreen and Solder Mask.

However - now it is not one single .step file. Multiple step files are created.

See example below.


In VX.2.2 both board, components and copper are included in one single .step file.

In VX.2.4 separate .step files are created for board and components, Copper Top, Copper 2, Copper 3, Copper Bottom, Silkscreen, Solder Mask.

Anyone have an opinion of this way? So far it seems to make the step export useless to us.

Step export now split into multiple files.png