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PADS 9.5 to VX.2.1 migration

Question asked by stempialdo on Sep 27, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 5, 2018 by stempialdo

Hi there,


I have an integrated project (.prj) created with PADS 9.5 and its PCB design created with PADS layout (.pcb). I need to migrate both into an Expedition VX.2.1  project (Win 64bit).

After a bit research and going through few Mentor cryptic error messages, I now realize that I can only convert the PADS 9.5 .prj file with VX.2.1 Win 32bit.


So I can now open and convert the project with the 32bit version, but looking at the procedure on Chapter 6 of trans.pdf (of VX.2.1), when I try follow the instructions "Starting the PADS Integrated Project to Xpedition Translation", I can only follow the procedure up to step 3. This because no dialog box pops up to ask me to provide the path to Central Library.

I notice that the translated project has a grey icon in the recent projects, and I can't lunch xPCB.
Anyway, I can see the schematics and  I believe I have translated the .prj into VX.2.1.


I now need to import the PCB created with PADS 9.5. For this I am now following the instructions in pads2exp.pdf (of VX.2.1).

As described in Chapter 2, I can translate the PADS PCB design and PADS library (.pt9) using the software ppcb2hkp.exe.

So I end up with:

- a folder with the translated PCB (few files, one of them is the .kyn)

- a folder with the translated library (3 hkp files)


Following the instructions in Chapter 2 section 2, in xPCB i create a new  .prj in a folder and put the path to the library .lmc file found in  ..\standard\examples\Xpedition_EE_Library (this .lmc is taken from the VX.2.4 installation, as suggested by Mentor assistance) .
This because only VX.2.4 has the NCNP Template.

In the dialog box, I then select the path to the previously translated .kyn file and to use the NCNP template.


However I am now lost because I cannot follow the procedure anymore and forward annotate. To be fair I don't see how it would work given that the PCB folder is created in the new project folder. So I am stuck here.

I would have thought I have to create the PCB within the folder of the converted .prj , and not start a new one..


Does anyone know how to include the PCB into the migrated .prj?