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    how to run lvs using calibre when schematic in virtuoso 6.1.6-64b version and layout in icfb 5.1.0 version


      Hi all,

      I have a data base in cadence icfb 5.1.0 version. I want to convert it to cadence virtuoso 6.1.6064b. What we would like to do is convert schematics and symbols first then run lvs using schematics in virtuoso 6.1.6-64b vs the org layout in icfb 5.1.0 to make sure we didn't make mistake when we convert the schematics. Can we do that ? can we just netlist schematic in cadence virtuoso 6.1.6064b and run lvs against gds which generate by icfb 5.1.0 ? what way is the easiest way to do ?