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Xpedition Layout HazardExplorer 'UpdateRows' method anyone ?

Question asked by peter_festesen on Oct 1, 2018


I am trying to figure out what to use as 'add_replace' and 'del' in this call : HazardExplorer.UpdateRows(ByVal add_replace As Variant, ByVal del As Variant).

What I had hoped to achieve was an update of the Hazard Explorer window (as in update Online Hazards).

Documentation just provides the above call, nothing further. The Variant type asks for a string or a number - I have tried a few numbers ((0,0), (1,1) etc. )

but Xpedition Layout crashes on me, no matter what I put there.

I am beginning to wonder if this works at all for the new Hazard Explorer (I am in VX.2.3/2.4), as it is not row based as the old one was.


I appreciate your feedback, examples would be great, thanks !!